About Us

LISP is a Cape Town based boho-rock clothing label, imagined and created by childhood besties, Maria and Oriel, aka the Lion and the Mermaid.

The Vibe..

Our style is a mix of a bohemian lifestyle and rock n roll, springing from our childhood romance with nature and music. Our garments are fresh and feminine but yet edgy at the same time. Dressed down for the beach, and also easily dressed up for a night out celebrating in the city. Lisp is a sweet rebellion against the system. It's the Ying and Yang, as is with everything in life! It’s a lifestyle that we share, and it all starts here in this magical city between the mountain and the sea.

To us, fashion is a means of self-expression. It’s a creative outlet by which we can express and communicate our beliefs, culture, vibe and our mood to the world. We celebrate the soulful individual, the free spirited girl and lover of life, the wild child girl who dares to love herself and embraces the moment, and that’s the story we share through our designs.

The label grows with us, we are inspired by a moment, a feeling, we put it down and we run with it. It’s such a natural process, and we hope that like-minded people will see it, love it as much as we do, and run with us. 

Lisp is a lifestyle. The rock'n'roll baby, the free festival child - from sandy beaches to city streets. Spread the love, spread the music. Find YOUR expression and LIVE it.

About Lisp